Coron part 2 to El Nido, Philippines

Click here if you missed Part 1 of Coron.

Day 7 – Wreck Diving

The rest of the group wanted to do a dive and I just went out on the boat. We went with Rock Steady Divers, a German company and they did three dives. I was able to snorkel at the first site and would have been able to snorkel at the third but chose to jump ship and head back to town after the second dive to catch up on some internet stuff. Kind of disappointed that I didn’t do the third snorkel as it turned out to be their favorite of the three but glad to have a shorter day. It was a long day for me out on the boat, not being a diver. Chris looks great in neoprene – don’t you think?

Chris in neoprene


This was our last full day in Coron. Overall it probably got a 3 1/2 out of 5 for me as far as places in the Philippines. I think my friends got more out of it as they are divers.
The highlights were definitely the day trip to Coron Island -MUST do, hiking Mt. Tapayas and the hot springs. If you aren’t a diver 2 days is probably enough time – unless you wanted to go to the nature park.
Town is LOUD and busy – we were really glad we stayed out of town at Sunz en Coron. We liked it enough :)
We would eat at Mannekin Pis again for sure.


Day 8 – Ride the Joe

We had booked a boat from Coron to El Nido with Ride the Joe (2200p) and had to meet the boat at the pier at 8am.  El Nido has no ATMs so we needed to make sure we had enough cash for the week and to get us back to Puerto Princessa. We made it on to the boat quarter to 8 but had to wait for the coast guard to check us which took until quarter to 10. It’s just part of the procedure so we had to suck it up. The Joe had plenty of food and clean drinking water and was moderately comfortable – use the lifejackets as pillows and cushions, it wasn’t too full or crowded which was nice, we were able to stretch out on the top. Our bags stayed dry and secure on the top covered by a tarp. The ride took 7 hours and was pretty. We considered doing an overnight boat at one point but glad we did it during the day. I say all of this because as we did our research for other boat companies we heard a bunch of negative stuff about the Joe but come to find out it was basically a sabotage because he stopped docking the boat in water too shallow at the Sea Dive Resort, so they are spreading rumors about how The Joe is unsafe. By the way – the Joe also has two motors – something VERY useful if one dies in the middle of the ocean.

The Joe


Us on The Joe

We made it into El Nido and had found out there were some decent beach cottages, Hadafe’s towards one end of town. I called a lady named Diana and arranged for her to meet us and take us there. I got a good feeling for the town right off the bat, much nicer than Coron town in my opinion. We headed to Hadafe’s and were shown our simple beach cottage for 700p a night. It has the best view of the sunset, no electricity from 2 am to 6pm, a simple bed, cold shower, toilet (non flushing) and small porch with outside sink. It’s a lot like camping – just in a bigger tent. I like it more than I thought I would.

Our cottage at Hadefe's

Beautiful sunset in El Nido

That night we grabbed dinner at a restaurant on the way into town. The food was good but they were slammed and missing a staff person so it took over an hour to get three veggie curries and a rice dish. Other than that it was fine.

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